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Position statements and submissions

Australian Marriage Law Survey 2017 

NBPSA position statement

Autism Spectrum Disorder - Draft Diagnosis Guidelines (Australia) 

NBPSA supports the need to improve consistency in the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Australia. We have made several suggestions to ensure a clinically sound approach to the draft national guidelines being developed by the Autism Clinical Research Cooperative for the NDIA. We are currently waiting for the outcome of those suggestions.

Autism Diagnosis Guideline (Australia - draft 1) NBPSA response 19 Oct 2017

Autism Diagnosis Guideline (Australia - draft 2) NBPSA response - 18 March 2018.pdf

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

While expert clinical consensus does not support the use of diagnosis specific MBS item numbers in neurodevelopmental and behavioural paediatrics, our response supported a change to recognise FASD as an interim measure, pending a systematic review of current MBS item numbers.  Further changes are needed to better support sound clinical practice and equitable access to care.

NBPSA joint response on propose FASD changes to MBS funding