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About the Society

The NBPSA has a dual vision. The first is that children with, or who are at risk of having, Neurodevelopmental Disorders will experience more successful childhoods. As a result, they will achieve their personal potential to become happy and contributing adult members of our Australasian society. 

Secondly, our vision is that doctors who care for these children and families will experience professional lives that are effective, sustainable and enjoyable.

Membership of the Society includes doctors who identify themselves as Developmental, Developmental- Behavioural, Neurodevelopmental or Community Paediatricians.

The Society will work towards the following activities in pursuit of its vision:

  • Advocacy for children with Neurodevelopmental-Behavioural Disorders (NBD)
  • Advancement of public education and awareness of NBD.
  • Creation of collaborative relationships with other organisations involved in NBD, child health and welfare.
  • Provision and facilitation of education, mentorship and professional development for members of The Society.
  • Representation and advocacy for paediatricians working in NBP within relevant organisations such as the RACP.
  • Support for teaching and training curriculum development.
  • Provision of mechanisms for effective communication including website, forums and email discussion
  • Provision of support and advocacy for research in NBD, particularly towards excellence and standardisation of clinical practice